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December Offer

3 Courses £14.95 per person

Sunday - Thursday before 7:30pm

(Exclude Xmas Eve and New Year's Eve)

1st  course

Prawn Crackers with Sweet & Sour dip

2nd course

(Select one Choice)

Mix starters: (Prawn Toast, Chicken Spring Roll, Curry Triangles and Crispy Seeweed)

Vegetable Mix Starters: (Veg. Spring Rolls, Curry Triangles and Crispy Seeweed)

Chicken Sweet Corn Soup

Egg and Sweet Corn Soup

3rd course

(Select one Choice)

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Crispy Chicken in Sweet Chilli Sauce

Chicken in Green Pepper Black Bean Sause

Chicken Curry

Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce

Crispy Beef in Sweet Chilli Sauce

Beef in Green Pepper Black Bean Sauce

Beef Curry

Beef Mushroom

Vegetable Cashew nuts

Vegetable Curry

Sweet & Sour Mix Vegetable

Vegetarian Crispy Mock Beef

(Incl. Chips or Boiled Rice or Egg Fried Rice)

(With Noodles +£2.50 or with Salt & Pepper Chips +£2.50)

Please inform staff if you have any food intolerance and allergy

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